Are you fready to eat?


Freddy’s Comfort Food is more than just a collective of chicken lovers serving you the best chicken experience. It’s a lifestyle.. Our homemade from buttermilk chicken with signature flavours are the foundation that keeps you returning for more and more.


We as chicken lovers believe that we need to push the boundaries of herbs and spices. We use our creativity to not just create new flavours and textures, but also beautiful designs. A unique flavour like Kimchi Honey Butter the creative kitchen to keep pushing the limits of comfort food lovers. That is why we always have a limited monthly special.


The FLAMIN’ HOT CHEETOS burger is here to rock your taste buds. The ultimate mix between a snack and our Buttermilk Chicken. Using the chips for a fiery crust and topping it of with our homemade delicious cheese sauce. Laying peacefully on a bed of lettuce & pickles.

"Als drie jongens uit Rotterdam-West gaan koken, leidt dat tot lekkere dingen." — AD
"2e plek de favoriete nieuwkomer volgens de lezers van De Buik Van Rotterdam. "
"2e plek eerste vegan burger contest van Nederland. Tijdens Mals vegan food & music festival."